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December 10, 2019:

We are not open for submissions at this time. Please contact the team at Fenris Publishing for new comic, book, and other submissions.


Rabbit Valley® Comics Publishing Services Page:

Here at Rabbit Valley Comics we offer a number of printing, publication, and duplication services. We primarily service the furry fandom, but also have customers from other walks of life. If you’re interested in having your comic, novel, novella, anthology, magazine, prints, posters, DVDs CDs, or tee shirts created, we would be more than happy work with you.

Our primary focus is on the below items:

We offer several types of print production models including:
Bulk Printing & Distribution – With this model we take on all costs of the print production process and sell your work on the Rabbit Valley Comics website as well as at any number of the conventions we attend. You will be paid within 90 days from first sale an agreed upon rate for every copy of the work that we print.

Print on Demand & Distribution - For print on demand works (artwork prints, posters, portfolios, DVDs, CDs) you will be paid out quarterly based on the number of copies sold at conventions and through the Rabbit Valley Comics website.

Short Run Printing – For short run projects we will print and distribute the work similar to bulk printing, but you will be paid quarterly based on the number sold instead of the number printed. We reserve this model for works we are unsure of the initial sales.

Vanity Press – We offer a service if you want to pay to have your project printed. This is our no questions asked printing service. You give us the project and we simply print it and send it to you. You pay all the printing and transportation fees. If we wanted to sell your project on our site, we would buy inventory from you at a set price (usually 50% off cover price) as needed.

If you have a print production product that you would like us to review kindly email us at customerservice@rabbitvalley.com and we will get back to you with further instructions.

In your introduction email we ask that you kindly include the following information:

If your project is accepted we will supply you with some hard core file specs for your projects, but for comics and magazines as well as printed works here are some guidelines.

Files that are submitted to Rabbit Valley Comics must be in a loss-less file format. This can be in AI, PSD, TIFF, Encapsulated PostScript, or PDF (with standard "print" or "press" settings). These files should be saved in a CMYK or Grayscale format.

For comics we have templates for interior and cover pages available upon request and acceptance of project submission.

We will NOT accept ANY GIF, JPEG, or PNG format. We will also not enjoy any files saved in RGB format.

For comics each page should be is formatted for "new" or "current" comic book size that finish size is 6.125" by 9.750". Every file is expected to match that dimension or a ratio of that dimension when it is submitted. If the file does not meet the dimension the comic may be resized, cropped, or outright rejected.

Covers should be full color CMYK finished images with a finish size of 6.625" x 10.250". Covers are always "bleed" pages, which means that the edge of the image will be trimmed to match the paper size exactly. Images must bleed over the edge of the finish size by a minimum of 1/4th of an inch. 
 On your cover, sections of the image will be covered. These are called the "gutters" of the image. Assume that at least .25 inches of the image on the top, bottom, left, and right will possibly be chopped off in the trimming process.

The Rabbit Valley Comics brand logo will be placed in the upper left corner of the cover for comics and magazines and on the spine of other literary works for all but vanity press projects. For covers, please allow a box of at least 2 inches wide by 3 inches tall for this logo. The remainder of the image area 3 inches down from the top of the graphic should be used for the title of the book. In the case of creator owned titles, we recommend making a logo in Adobe Illustrator format to be resized perfectly on the graphic.

Suggested Scan Sizes:

Files - should be sent by electronic media (IDE Hard Drive, CD, DVD, or iPod) via mail or ftp.

Templates for our accepted files explaining bleeds and all that can be found here (ZIP archive containing comic and magazine templates).

Script Guidelines - For purposes of writing, we use the Gregg Reference Manual to resolve issues of style and grammar. While dialog will obviously not always conform to the standard usage of the written English language, other written text should. Scripts should be checked for grammar, spelling, and correct punctuation. Rabbit Valley editors will make changes to scripts or text to present a properly edited professional image.

Content Guide – Here at Rabbit Valley Comics we do not believe in censorship. We will review each and ever project, but we will not print any works that our legal team deems illegal to sell in the United States. Generally this means we will not take on any project that includes copyrighted characters as our lawyers won’t allow us to violate other people’s and organization’s intellectual property rights.

That’s it. Really.

We run questionable material by our legal team and as long as they green light the project we are good to go. We do reserve the right to push some of the questionable submissions to short run or vanity press projects.

Final Note – We tend to answer email within 12 to 72 hours, but some times we might take a little longer due to travel and conventions.

We look forward to working with you!

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If you have questions, need help, or would like to contact us,
please email Rabbit Valley Customer Service Email Address and Contact Information .