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Submissions Open - Trick or Treat: Tricks & Treats Volume 3

Submissions Accepted Until June 1, 2015

Trick or Treat Volume 3: Pranks, Parties, and Pumpkins

Welcome to another call for the third installment of the Trick or Treat series. 

This year, we’re looking do a celebration of, well, modern celebrations. As the previous year, we did a brief tour through Halloweens of the past, this year we want tales that specifically focus on and draw inspiration from all the trappings and motifs of people celebrating contemporary Halloween of the last couple decades. Give me tales of pranks gone wrong (or very right). The supernatural mingling with modern technology and observances of Halloween. A nice current take on a tale of trick-or-treating terror. Scares or sensuality at a costumed bash. Or of course, new terrors that mingle with time-honored traditions that still live like jack-o’-lanterns and local haunted houses. Plumb all the possible depths of current Halloween celebrations.

Basic Guidelines:

What I want for Tricks:

What I want for Treats:

For questions about any of the criteria above, send email to ianus.anthologies@gmail.com with the subject heading “Trick or Treat 3 Question”


Stories – Rabbit Valley® Comics will pay out a flat rate of $100.00 per accepted story for the print production of the anthology. We do not pay out on word count as we feel that authors should be free to express their story in as many words as necessary, within the limits of the anthology in question.

Artwork – Rabbit Valley Comics is not actively seeking artwork for submissions at this time.

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