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Submissions Open - Dreams


Our lives are always filled with dreams.  Some of these dreams amuse us, some scare us while other perplex.  It is with this in mind that I want to know what your dreams are made of.  These can be your dreams, your friend’s dreams or a compilation of dreams, or better yet, a daydream.   This is NOT a diary (unless your dream is in a diary format along with the supporting story) so please don’t use this as a chance to ramble on.  This is a furry anthology of stories about dreams.

There are two main categories.  One is Good Dreams, which have a positive ending.  The other is Bad Dreams, which have brought darkness and fear out into the open.  Here is your chance to chase away a ghost or two, relive a happy ending or scare the hell out of someone.  Just remember, others will read this so hone your writing skills because most dreams are fragments and stories are not.  And for the record, a daydream is still a dream so don’t forget that point! 

 Basic Guidelines:

What I want for Good Dreams:

What I want for Bad Dreams:

For questions about any of the criteria above, send email to jagdwolf@live.com with the subject heading “Dreams” 


Submissions will be open until September 1, 2013 for Dreams!


Stories – Rabbit Valley® Comics will pay out a flat rate of $100.00 per accepted story for the print production of the anthology. A second payment of $100.00 may be paid out after a period of one year from publication for the digital version of the anthology. We do not pay out on word count as we feel that authors should be free to express their story in as many words as necessary, within the limits of the anthology in question.

 Artwork – Rabbit Valley Comics is not actively seeking artwork for submissions at this time.


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