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Dragons Hoard FAQ


Artists and authors are always wanted to contribute to our comics and anthologies. If you are interested in participating, please email us at: DragonsHoardComic@gmail.com. All Dragon’s Hoard titles feature feral dragons in erotic or fetish-related situations. All comics allow all gender pairings- m/m, m/f, f/f, and Herm/any. We are always taking new contributors for:

Dragon’s Hoard - General feral dragon erotica. Features anthro or feral species on feral dragon, or feral dragon on feral dragon. No extreme fetishes allowed. (Magazine Sized)

D.W.A.G.S. - Dragons Who Appreciate Gryphon Sex - pairings between feral dragons and anthro or feral gryphons. For those who like a feather to tickle their fancy. (Comic Sized)

NomNoms - Feral dragon soft vore. Feral dragons eating things or being eaten by other feral dragons. (Comic Sized)

Exotic Treasures - A hardcore fetish comic. Extreme fetishes not allowed in Dragon’s Hoard, or D.W.A.G.S., are allowed here. Also for artists who are more comfortable publishing in a more fetish-orientated comic. (Comic Sized)

Individual comics - Dragon’s Hoard also publishes comics from individual authors, as opposed to the anthologies above. Runt, by NecroDrone, and He Knew by Muskie are examples of this. If you are interested in publishing a comic with your own story line and art (minimum 24 pages, ideal 32 pages), please contact us and let us know.

Templates for comics and magazines can be downloaded using the below links (PSD Files).

Tales of Scales - A written anthology. This book is for authors to write feral dragon erotica. Fetishes are more open than the comics above, and can be discussed with anyone who likes.

If you would like to contribute to Dragon’s Hoard, there are a few things you should know:

  1. Submission artwork/story guidelines
  2. Your rights to the work
  3. How you are paid
  4. Submission deadlines
  5. Contacting Dragon’s Hoard
  6. Need some help? Artistically, story, etc.

I ) Submission artwork/story guidelines

Artwork should be drawn in or following the template provided by Spire. If you would like to contribute to a comic, please email him for that comic’s template specifically. If your artwork is not the right proportions it will look off. All artwork should be drawn at 300dpi in CMYK for printing purposes. Printed material tends to be darker than you see on your screen. If you have dark panels/pages, you may lose a lot of detail. It’s good to be aware of this. If we think your submission may suffer from this, we will bring it up to you.

Stories submitted for Tales of Scales should be ~10,000 words. The basic script should be submitted for approval before the full story is written. Any fetishes included should be provided with the basic script.

Work for Dragon’s Hoard should be submitted directly to Spire at DragonsHoardComic@gmail.com.

II) Your rights to the work

All artwork and stories submitted to Dragon’s Hoard are not to be published or displayed elsewhere. You retain all rights to characters and script, however, the sole publishing and distribution rights remain with Rabbit Valley for the course of publishing.

III) How you are paid

Money from Dragon’s Hoard submissions are made by online sales through Rabbit Valley and at-con sales by Rabbit Valley and comic artists. Payments are sent to myself, and I divvy payment between the contributors. Money is split by comic, and to each artist by submission number. Pin ups pay less than comic pages. Otherwise, an artist is paid by their page submission/total pages of the comic (For example: submitting a 5 page comic out of a 25 page anthology would yield 20%). This is based off net profit, which is after a 5% cut is taken for the Dragon’s Hoard organizers, to cover cost of shipping to conventions, table space, etc.

Authors are given an even split of anthology sales, as everyone should be submitting roughly the same size story (~10,000 words).

Payments are sent out twice a year, around October and May. Payments are sent via snail mail and check, or through PayPal. Any fees associated with PayPal are the responsibility of the artist/author.

IV) Submission deadlines

There have been two major publishing dates for Dragon’s Hoard- comics are often released at Further Confusion and Anthrocon. However, it has been suggested a less-stress model is to accept contributions year-round and publish when enough material is ready. We are currently considering this model.

As it stands, Dragon’s Hoard and DWAGS submissions are due at the end of November. NomNoms, Exotic Treasures and Tales of Scales will be due in May.

V) Contacting Dragon’s Hoard

Email: DragonsHoardComic@gmail.com

Please direct all contact through this email address.

VI) Need some help?

Dragon’s Hoard is run by Spire and Ruse, who are a writer and artist individually, as well as both having a lot of experience with publishing. If you can’t come up with a story line, we are happy to provide various scenarios or create one tailored to your tastes. If you’re having artistic trouble with paneling/layouts/etc, both of us can give advice. Ruse can also give artistic advice, or give minor red lining, etc.

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If you have questions, need help, or would like to contact us,
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