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Dragons Hoard Presents NomNoms Issue 3 - Digital PDF Edition

Dragons Hoard Presents NomNoms Issue 3 - Digital PDF Edition

Digital PDF Edition:

Again, Dragon's Hoard has taken to indulging some of its more insatiable fans. Dragon's Hoard Presents: NomNoms Issue 3 is a collection of luscious, squelchy, saliva-inducing soft vore comics featuring feral dragons and the tasty treats they enjoy most. The comic features sexual and voracious feral dragons couplings of m/m and m/f relations.  (The U means "unspecified gender" BTW.)


  • Crocodiles - Art by Necrodrone, Story bu Dreamous (M/U)
  • Pinup - NummyNums (U/U)
  • Maintenance Day - Art FaroreNightclaw, Story by Muskie (M/U)
  • Couples' Night at the Maw - Slate (M/F/M/U/Mix)
  • Centerfold - Slate (M/MMF)
  • Sacrifice - Dasker and dmr (M/u)

Warning! Contains Adult Content.

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Dragons Hoard Presents NomNoms Issue 3 - Digital PDF Edition

ISBN: 9781624751400

UPC/EAN: 9781624751400

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