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Clowder by Dktorzi - Import from Germany

Clowder by Dktorzi - Import from Germany

Clowder by Dktorzi - Import from Germany

Long time furry artist Dktorzi has teamed up with some friends that have worked and supported him during the past 20 years in the fandom to put together a marvelous art book in b&w and color full of beautiful fluffy women and (a few) men of all shapes and sizes.

Featuring some of the best works by Dktorzi, with colors by Farore Nightclaw, Jazz Bredfold, Youkai and Ozu. Plus guest artworks by Victor Bonifacio and Ratbat.

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In Stock

Our Price: $25.00

Clowder by Dktorzi - Import from Germany

Style: Magazine Sized Artbook

Size: A4 Paper

Print: Color Cover - Black and White

Pages: 56

Parental Rating: Mature Readers

Publication Date: August 2019

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