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BREEDS: Wolves edited by Thurston Howl

BREEDS: Wolves edited by Thurston Howl

BREEDS: Wolves edited by Thurston Howl


Thurston Howl Publications’ furry series BREEDS features volumes that highlight the broad range of erotic literature with species-specific furry protagonists. BREEDS: Wolves has your typical dominant top wolves as well as wolves that go against the pack, howl in the throes of passion, and sometimes beg to be in the omega position for once, and includes authors Jaden Drackus, Kuroko, Patrick D. Lambert, Starvix Draxon, Miles Reaver, Cadejo Jones, Faolan, WhiteClaw, Billy Leigh, FuzzWolf, Sisco Polaris, and NightEyes DaySpring. Join the wolf pack, join in the howl, and join in the hunt. But be careful, 'cause my what big teeth they have. All the better to eat you with.

The Preshow by Jaden Drackus
Chasing Tail by Kuroko
The Awkward Question by Patrick D. Lambert
The Great Camping Adventure by Starvix Draxon
Stud Club by Miles Reaver
The Box by Cadejo Jones
Good Boy by Faolan
Yes, Sir by WhiteClaw
Charlie One by Billy Leigh
Giving by FuzzWolf
What’s It Like? by Sisco Polaris
Unsatisfied by NightEyes DaySpring

Edited by Thurston Howl with illustrations by Faukx

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Our Price: $10.99

BREEDS: Wolves edited by Thurston Howl

Style: Anthology Novel

Size: 5.5 x 8.5

Print: Color Cover - Text Interior

Pages: 244

Parental Rating: Mature Readers

Publication Date: August 2016

ISBN: 2370000480170

UPC/EAN: 2370000480170

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