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Artistic Visions: The Art of TaniDaReal

Artistic Visions: The Art of TaniDaReal

The Art of TaniDaReal is the seventh volume in our Artistic Visions series, which takes a look into the creative process of illustrator and graphic designer TaniDaReal. Sixty-five pages of material reveal an artist as skilled with digital tools as she is with traditional media. Her background in media design and an eye for light, playful character styles makes her polished creations both incredibly popular and extremely marketable. Her sketches and casual works often show a deeper emotional connection with animals and nature, while still retaining her signature playful style.

Artistic Visions is a series of full-size perfect-bound publications focusing on the sketches and finished illustrations of well-known artists. Going beyond a collection of drawings, each volume attempts to impart a sense of the artist's philosophy, tips, and techniques through personal interviews and commentary.

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Artistic Visions: The Art of TaniDaReal

ISBN: 9781936689675

UPC/EAN: 9781936689675

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