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Night Moves by FuzzWolf and Kadath

Night Moves by FuzzWolf and Kadath

Night Moves by FuzzWolf and Kadath

Description: People are never what they appear to be. Everyone has hidden secrets, desires, passions. These only come to the surface at night, when the lights go down.

As a dominatrix, Nightshade excels at teasing out these long-hidden fantasies. On her last night, one client will experience the full range of his mistress’ Night Moves.

ALSO INCLUDES the 10 image portfolio Shades of Night!

Illustrated by Kadath, Story by FuzzWolf and Kadath
M/F adult content

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In Stock

Our Price: $9.94

Night Moves by FuzzWolf and Kadath

Style: Comic Book

Size: 7 x 10

Print: Color Cover - Color Interior

Pages: 28

Parental Rating: Mature Readers

Publication Date: July 2017

ISBN: 978-1-61450-132-9

UPC/EAN: 978-1-61450-132-9

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