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Work in Process by Kamui

Work in Process by Kamui

Work In Progress by Kamui


Work in Process is as much a hybrid as the anthropomorphic animals that populate it.

This conglomerate of portfolio and tutorial, presented in lush full color, showcases a dozen richly textured illustrations alongside commentary and process notes by the artist, rough sketches and in-progress shots of the pieces being made, and a series of simple but detailed step-by-step tutorials. Topics include how to compose your image to new ideas on sketching, tricks that can make painting faster and easier, and ways to get your finished pieces looking perfect.

Whether you're looking for an art portfolio, curious to see what goes on behind the scenes, or interested in expanding your own repertoire of creative techniques, you'll find it inside Work in Process.

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Our Price: $16.95

Work in Process by Kamui

Style: Magazine Sized Comic

Size: 8 x 10

Print: Color Cover - Color Interior

Pages: 52

Parental Rating: Mature Readers

Publication Date: 2008

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