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Dogs of War Edited by Fred Patten

Dogs of War Edited by Fred Patten

Dogs of War Edited by Fred Patten


Men have made war for gold, for land, and to put others in chains for millennia. No invention or philosophy has changed that, not gunpowder, not airplanes, not democracy, or even splitting the atom. Whatever the era, whatever the weapon, man has made war on his neighbors. The nature of conflict never changes, because human nature has not changed.
But how might that change if it were no longer just humanity going to war—if animal instincts, strengths and skill were to join the battlefield?
Dogs of War is an anthology exploring what warfare looks like when the combatants are no longer fully human. It contains twenty three stories about how war changes when those who do the fighting have changed, and how much it stays just the same.

  • Nosy and Wolf by Ken MacGregor
  • After Their Kind by Taylor Harbin
  • Succession by Devin Hallsworth
  • Two If By Sea by Field T. Mouse
  • The Queens’ Confederate Space Marines by Elizabeth McCoy
  • The Loving Children by Bill McCormick
  • Strike, But Hear Me by Jefferson P. Swycaffer
  • End of Ages by BanWynn Oakshadow
  • Shells On the Beach by Tom Mullins
  • Cross of Valor Reception for the Raccoon, Tanner Williams, Declassified Transcript by John Kulp
  • Last Man Standing by Frances Pauli
  • Hunter’s Fall by Angela Oliver
  • Old Regimes by Gullwulf
  • The Shrine War by Alan Loewen
  • The Monster in the Mist by Madison Keller
  • Wolves in Winter by Searska GreyRaven
  • The Third Variety by Rob Baird
  • The Best and Worst of Worlds by Mary E. Lowd
  • Tooth, Claw and Fang by Stephen Coghlan
  • Sacrifice by J.N. Wolfe
  • War of Attrition by Lisa Timpf
  • Fathers to Sons by MikasiWolf
  • Hoodies and Horses by Michael D. Winkle

Edited by Fred Patten, Cover art by Teagan Gavet

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Our Price: $19.95

Dogs of War Edited by Fred Patten

Style: Anthology

Size: 5.5 x 8.5

Print: Color Cover - Text Interior

Pages: 456

Parental Rating: All Readers

Publication Date: September 2015

ISBN: 978-1-61450-346-0

UPC/EAN: 978-1-61450-346-0

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