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Tall Tails - Tears of the Mother Issue 2 by JD Calderon and Daphne Lage

Tall Tails - Tears of the Mother Issue 2 by JD Calderon and Daphne Lage

TALL TAILS: Tears of the Mother is an anthropomorphic sword and sorcery epic continuing where the Thieves' Quest storyline left off. 

Written by JD Calderon (The Oswald Chronicles) and Illustrated by Daphne Lage, TALL TAILS: Tears of the Mother is the story of a group of friends and warriors who find themselves in an underground city in the hopes of reaching a magic fountain known as the Tears of the Mother. 

The hope is that the water from this fountain can cure the plague ravaging Garrison Hadge and in the process save their friends Raulph and Silvermain. 

But first there's a monster infested maze to get through, a determined Lady and her Grandfather scheming to keep them from their prize, and a jealous unicorn and dragon locked in an eternal battle as to who truly is the guardian of the fountain and the source of all magic in the world.

TALL TAILS: Tears of the Mother Issues 1 and 2 introduces the crew as they try to maneuver the maze with the help of some local guides but find themselves stymied by the Mayor and his Captain of the Guard, Randolph.

Both issues are black and white and 32 pages with a full color cover.

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In Stock

Our Price: $5.95

Tall Tails - Tears of the Mother Issue 2 by JD Calderon and Daphne Lage

Style: Graphic Trade Paperback

Print: 6 x 9

Size: Color Cover - Black and White

Pages: 32

Parental Rating: All Readers

Publication Date: Now

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