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Tai Pan Issue #51-52 Final Double Issue

Tai Pan Issue #51-52 Final Double Issue

Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe Issue #51-52

We're calling it a double issue, but at 162 pages and with 20 stories, Issue 51-52 contains more than four ordinary issues' worth of tales!

Issue #51-52 features cover art by Sky Oxford and contains stories by Keith Alan Johnson, Gene Breshears, Chas P.A. Melville, Bill Koonts, Kristin Fontaine, and Mark Allen Davis, with graphic stories by S.C. Emmons and Mark Allen Davis, and other illustrations by Chuck Melville, Edd Vick, C.D. Woodbury, Jeff Cornish, Kristin Fontaine, and Jeff Young.

From the Editor:

Twenty-eight years ago I sat with a bunch of my friends at a table in a Denny’s restaurant late one night during a science fiction convention, and we invented a universe. We invented a world set many centuries in the future where anthropomorphic animals, humans, and aliens traveled and traded and lived together among the stars. We even plotted a story, which would eventually be published in the second issue of the Tai-Pan fanzine, which set up a whole series of adventures.

Our shared setting, a hard science fiction universe with rubber corners (as one of our early members described it) has hosted a varied cast of intriguing characters who have shared adventures, tragedy, comedic romps, and mysteries. There have been pirate raids, diplomatic parties gone awry, foiled murder plots, destroyed planets, loves found, loves lost, chosen families forged, unlikely alliances, tragic ends, hopeful beginnings, ghosts, space battles, shoot-outs, wild capers, tales of revenge, and tales of redemption.

As one of the founding members and a contributor from the very beginning, I’ve had the great fortune to meet a lot of wonderful people through the Tai-Pan Project. I’ve made a lot of friends. I’ve watched aspiring writers hone their craft and find their voices. I’ve watched artists improve their skills. I even met my husband, a man who I’ve been proud to share my life with for over 18 years, through this project.

So I shed more than one tear when I opened the shipment from the printer and beheld the covers of Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe #51-52—the final issue of our fanzine.

We’re calling it a double issue, but it actually contains more than four issues’ worth of tales. We’ve never had a shortage of stories; our bottlenecks have been at other parts of the process. A hardcopy fanzine with black and white illustrations is a tough sell these days. A lot of people would rather publish on the web instead of wait for an old fashioned ink and paper publication.

So while this issue represents the final paper edition of the Tai-Pan fanzine, the project isn’t ending. We have more stories in progress. Some will be published on the Tai-Pan web site—www.TaiPanProject.org. Some will be made available in other media.

As we sort out the business of winding down the non-profit corporation, we will send out refunds to those subscribers whose subscriptions extend beyond Issue 52. There will be other bits of business to attend to and news to share. Please check out the web page, drop us a line, or like our Facebook page. Keep in touch with us however you can.

We’re not finished telling the adventures of the passengers and crews of Tai-Pan, Iktomé, Quantum Lady, or Ramanujan.

Thank you for reading us, supporting us, and believing in us.

Gene Breshears
Editor-in-Chief, Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe
President, Tai-Pan Literary & Arts Project

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Tai Pan Issue #51-52 Final Double Issue

Style: Magazine

Size: 8.5 x 11

Print: Color Cover - Black And White Interior

Pages: 160

Parental Rating: General Readers

Publication Date: July 2015

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