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Adorable Overhaul Plush - Limited Inventory

Adorable Overhaul Plush - Limited Inventory

Adorable Overhaul Plush - Limited Inventory

Could it be The Manliest Plush In The World

Yup! And for $35.00 he can be a part of your complete My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fandom toy collection. (Actually, he's a plush action figure.)

He measures 10.25" Mustache to Tailtip, 10" high, that's from Mane to Hoof.


  • Cutie mark on both sides (some of the early licensed toys (figures) didn't even have that)
  • Breeze Blown Mustache Action (seriously, hold him up to a fan and watch them whiskers blow in the breeze)
  • Embroidered oh so cute eyes (manly eyes)

Take him home today!


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Our Price: $35.00

Adorable Overhaul Plush - Limited Inventory

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