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Fragments of Life's Heart edited by Mando and Munchkin

Fragments of Life's Heart edited by Mando and Munchkin

Fragments of Life's Heart edited by Mando and Munchkin

They say Love is the oldest story on Earth, but we don’t have to tell it the same way every time. How many ways are there to explore our feelings that we may have never even considered? Countless fragments of different worlds, all held together by the greatest force of all.

Join us as we explore the many different forms of love—family love, forbidden love, love that embraces what society always taught was wrong. Seasoned veterans and brand new talents bring you seventeen anthropomorphic stories with all different forms of sexuality and relationships, in a journey across genres, worlds, and time.

Love can bloom, thrive, and end. Love can heal, mesh, and blend. We’re all Fragments trying to stick together.


  • Tending the Fires by Jess E. Owen
  • Transitions by MogMoogle
  • The Mistress of Tidwell Manor by Renee Carter Hall
  • Yet Time and Distance by Kris Carver
  • Polynomials by Fever Low
  • Raise Your Voice by Stefano ''Mando" Zocchi
  • Going Out by T.C. Povvell
  • Harvest Home by Altivo Overo
  • The Foreigner by Dwale
  • Trade All the Stars by Watts Martin
  • Draw to the Heart by Ocean Tigrox
  • Paint the Square-Cut Sky by Slip-Wolf
  • Hearth Soup by Laura ''Munchkin" Lewis
  • Brass Candy Girl by M. C. A. Hogarth
  • Footsteps by Televassi
  • Rain Check by Field T Mouse
  • The Soul of Wit by Daniel Lowd

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Our Price: $20.00

Fragments of Life's Heart edited by Mando and Munchkin

Style: Anthology - Collection of Stories

Size: 9 x 6

Print: Color Cover - Text Interior

Pages: 400

Parental Rating: All Readers

Publication Date: June 2016

ISBN: 9780997296877

UPC/EAN: 9780997296877

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