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Ringtail Cafe Issue #9

Ringtail Cafe Issue #9

Ringtail Cafe Issue #9

The world of Ringtail Cafe is populated by several secret organizations, each of whom has a different agenda. Some are there to protect us, some wish to control us and still others remain clouded in mystery. Nova is the muscle of the Ringtail Cafe team. Strong, silent, stoic, she is a grim but loyal ally to the others. Her large stature and build often lead others to believe she is male, but Nova does not usually bother to correct them. Lilac on the other hand is sweet, kind, outgoing and bubbly. She is the resident science expert, with a speciality in chemistry and explosives. Her friendly demeanor often fools others into thinking she is not a threat. Nova and Lilac have long been a couple, and always enjoy when they get to go on missions together.


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Our Price: $5.00

Ringtail Cafe Issue #9

Style: Comic Book

Size: 6.25 x 9.75

Print: Color

Pages: 32

Parental Rating: All Readers

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