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Wolf Punch - Before the Afterglow - EP

Wolf Punch - Before the Afterglow - EP

Wolf Punch - Before the Afterglow - EP

“Wolf Punch (Joshua-Lewis Martel), a dubstep specialist from St. Peter Port, Guernsey, has been dealing out his own brand of dirty wubs and gritty synths for over four years through various remixes. Wolf gained additional spotlight through Storm Le in 2013 when he participated in their remix EP of "Applesauce and Gravy 2.0". A year later, Wolf released his first single "Tribal Geometry", which was later included in "Before the Afterglow", where he emphasizes high energy and intensity with a hint of chilling ambient trance.”
Track Listing:
© 2014 Joshua-Lewis Martel

  1. Before the Afterglow
  2. Confusion
  3. Frozen
  4. Tribal Geometry
  5. Crop the Picture
  6. Observation

Released 3 October 2014
Produced by: Joshua-Lewis Martel
All songs written by Joshua-Lewis Martel
All instruments played / Programmed by Joshua-Lewis Martel Engineered and Mixed by Joshua-Lewis Martel
Recorded at The Chamber of Wubs (Guernsey, Channel Islands) Mastered by Joshua-Lewis Martel
Art Direction & Design: Christopher Johnson and Joshua-Lewis Martel
© 2014 Joshua-Lewis Martel

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Wolf Punch - Before the Afterglow - EP

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