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Canis - Prelude

Canis - Prelude

Canis - Prelude

“Inspired and fueled by electronic talents Eiffel65 and Deadmau5, Canis (Mark Brambila) is a self-developed musician from Los Angeles, California who specializes in producing a wide variety of dance music. In his first album "Prelude", Canis blends the intensity of hard trance with a gentle touch of ambience. Combined with techno and electroclash influences, this record is a solid party-starter.”
Track Listing:

  1. Cursed Media
  2. I Suffocated in a F’n Wall
  3. Infinite
  4. Internet Friends
  5. Keep Calm
  6. Prelude
  7. Stay
  8. This Unknown Planet
  9. You & I Forever Falling
  10. Things Will Get Better

Released 26 February 2014
Produced by: Mark Brambila
All songs written by Mark Brambila
All instruments played / Programmed by Mark Brambila Engineered and Mixed by Mark Brambila
Recorded at The Dancing Wolf Hut (Los Angeles, CA)
Mastered by Mark Brambila
Art Direction & Design: Christopher Johnson and Mark Brambila

© 2014 Mark Brambila

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Canis - Prelude

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