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Daniel Hamamoto - Konichiwa

Daniel Hamamoto - Konichiwa

Daniel Hamamoto - Konichiwa

“Daniel Hamamoto is a comedy singer and rapper from Cerritos, California. Since his first demo "CHI to the NO" in 2007, Daniel has been recognized by his peers as the funny guy on the piano. After coming back from his hiatus in 2011, Daniel releases his first album "Konichiwa", where he features various hip hop and glitch-pop influences to support his randomly comical lyrics as he tells the world about the foods he likes to eat, his love for Pokémon and Dragon Ball Z, and the ongoing joke about how he is actually Japanese, not Chinese.”
Track Listing:

  1. I’m Coming Back
  2. I Love Shakes
  3. Hamamoto Rap
  4. Chips
  5. The Japanese Song
  6. I’m On Facebook
  7. Eiyee
  8. Goodbye

Released 9 September 2011
Produced / All songs written by: Christopher Johnson
Vocals by Daniel Hamamoto
Background Vocals on “Hamamoto Rap” by Lisa Savone
Lyrics written by Daniel Hamamoto and Christopher Johnson
All instruments played / Programmed by Christopher Johnson except “I’m Coming Back” piano by Daniel Hamamoto Engineered and Mixed by Christopher Johnson and Michael Lenz
Mastered at Media Blitz (O.C., CA) by Brad “B-RAD” Johnson
Executive Producers: Daniel Hamamoto and Christopher Johnson
Art Direction & Design: Christopher Johnson
Photography: Christopher Johnson
© 2011 Daniel Hamamoto

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Daniel Hamamoto - Konichiwa

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