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Canis - Lonley Nights - EP

Canis - Lonley Nights - EP

Canis – Lonely Nights – EP

“Getting the ball rolling with "Prelude", the first hard trance party starter record of his career, followed by the contemporary ambient techno vibes from "2.0", Canis (Mark Brambila) brings us "Lonely Nights", his first EP picks up from where his last record leaves off. Just in time for getting that winter chill out of the way, Canis delivers a small collection of relaxing tracks filled with atmospheric glo-fi influences that are beautifully mixed in with catchy and unique beats.”

Track Listing:

  1. Care to Understand
  2. Found You
  3. Spirits By Your Side
  4. Lonely Nights
  5. Canidae Artificial Native Intelligent Specimen

Released 25 January 2015
Produced by: Mark Brambila
All songs written by Mark Brambila
All instruments played / Programmed by Mark Brambila Engineered and Mixed by Mark Brambila
Recorded at The Dancing Wolf Hut (Los Angeles, CA)
Mastered by Mark Brambila
Art Direction & Design: Christopher Johnson and Mark Brambila

© 2015 Mark Brambila

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Canis - Lonley Nights - EP

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