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University Tails Volume 3

University Tails Volume 3

University Tails Volume 3

Description: Join us again for the third edition of University Tails! As the rich and powerful ‘Legacy’ students rule the school social hierarchy, students on scholarship or sponsored by benefactors struggle to maintain in the demanding caste system.
Some do what they can to belong, others try to ignore it all together. What will befall the student body in their new social dynamic. Read all about their erotic misadventures in the latest issue of University Tails.
Stories and art featuring the talents of: The Narutoshi, Demetri, Bittenhard, Refer, and 2ll2l


  • Insert #1: Fan Appreciation by Naesyroc
  • Insert #2: Team Spirit by Soliyz
  • Insert #3: A Hard Lesson by Mystik
  • Party Crashers Online by Dimitri
  • Insert #4: Full Court Press by Zeiro
  • War Games by Bittenhard
  • Insert #5: Noel Leonard by Caninelove
  • Insert #6: College Nights by MonaMoo
  • A Teacher's Pet by Narutoshi
  • Insert #7: Photogenic by LazyDez
  • Cross Contender by 2112

Cover Art by: Lavender Pandy and The Black Rook
Featuring insert art by: Caninelove, Sollyz, Naesyroc, ZeiroMysticfox61, Monamoo, and Lazydez.

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Our Price: $24.95

University Tails Volume 3

Style: Anthology Comic

Size: 7 x 10

Print: Color Cover - Black and White Interior

Pages: 98

Parental Rating: Mature Readers

Publication Date: July 2015

ISBN: 978-1-61450-241-8

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