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May Contain Nuts by Flinters

May Contain Nuts by Flinters

May Contain Nuts by Flinters

A whole year has gone by since the last art book, Happy Little Trees, and the pencil never stops drawing. With several conventions through the year to attend and a weekly online art stream, the art really does start to pile up. I counted what I drew in the past year and it exceeds 750 pictures for 2014 alone.

Good grief, this book only has space for about 150 pictures and that means that 600 pictures I drew wodt be able to be included. I'll probably need to do another art CD for sale at cons at this rate. Maybe I can split it up into specialized books. I ran out of space in this book to include all the wonderful SugarNutz art and have decided I may want to spin that off into its own separate book title. So many pictures, so few pages! Decisions, decisions, decisions some more. What should I do, I wonder?

Streaming online with Tigerdile.com has been a huge boost to my output. There was a time when being part of a fanzine or APAzine meant having to have MINAC (minimum activity) of at least 4 pages per issue which was usually every six months. Sometimes you'd struggle to even get that little done. These days, I do double or triple that amount in a single art streaming session. There's never a lack of demand from my fantastic fans and customers. You guys are why this book even exists! So many awesome commissions and great ideas made it into this book from your commissions.

I really should use this introduction to talk about art and creation...

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May Contain Nuts by Flinters

Style: Trade Paper Back

Size: 6.75 x 9.25

Print: Color and Text

Pages: 80

Parental Rating: Mature Readers

Publication Date: July 2015

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