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Endtown Book Two by Aaron Neathery

Endtown Book Two by Aaron Neathery

Endtown Book Two by Aaron Neathery

Wally, a man who became a cat-person on the day of the mutagenic plague, is rescued from the dangerous Topsiders by a scavenging party from Endtown. His introduction to the hidden community of mutants is uneasy, especially since he has never come to terms with his new form even after years of living as a cat, but he makes at least one friend, Holly, a mouse. Unfortunately, even Endtown cannot promise perfect safety. The Topsiders, who rule what's left of the surface after a war fought with disintegration weapons, are well-organized, technologically advanced, heavily armed, and determined to wipe out all mutants, who still harbor the mutagenic virus and keep the Topsiders trapped permanently inside sealed bio-suits. They have also recovered enough from the war to attempt to launch a surveillance satellite. For their own safety, Endtown must stop the launch, and Wally, who survived alone on the surface longer than anyone, must go out again to try to protect his new home.


Book two features the story arcs "The Ballad of Holly and Wally" and "Countdown". Previously published as volumes 3 and 4. B&W interior, 256 pages.

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Our Price: $24.99

Endtown Book Two by Aaron Neathery

Style: Magazine Sized Webcomic Collection

Print: 8 x 10.5

Size: Color Cover - Black and White Interior

Pages: 256

Parental Rating: All readers

Publication Date: Janyary 2015

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