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Reach for the Sky: The Battle of Britain by Vixyy Fox

Reach for the Sky: The Battle of Britain by Vixyy Fox

Reach for the Sky: The Battle of Britain by Vixyy Fox

Reach For The Sky is an anthropomorphic tale in which you will find stories of daring, bravery, and even love; where by the Battle of Britain is brought to vivid life from the perspective of those who lived it.

The stories in this series are based upon real history. They represent memories that are fast slipping away; memories of a time that drastically affected the entire world. Storyteller Vixyy Fox and Artist Little Napoleon have combined their efforts in this work; bringing to life a history blended with characters all too human yet set apart by who they are.

In the reading you will forget they are Fox or Stag or Bulldog or Wolf. The fact they are not human actually allows you to understand more fully the human emotion they portrait. There is the determination of the Wolf; unwavering loyalty expressed as German nationalism. There is the tenacious Bulldog; shown to be fierce and unrelenting as the leader of England or as an old fighter pilot. Then too the quick wits and cleverness of the Fox are brought forward as a sorely needed wingman complimenting the determination and resolve of the English Stag who is willing to take on all challenges no matter the cost.

Written for the adult reader, Reach For The Sky is a continuing Battle of Britain series based upon the characterization of Flight Lieutenant Archie Corn as introduced to the writer by Anthony Stewart, her friend and fellow aviation enthusiast. Enjoy...

About the Author: Vixyy Fox is not exactly human; to know her is to see her as a Fennec Fox. Most people would not understand this but mankind, through the ages, has always associated themselves with the animals. In reality, she is, of course, human; but you should see her in your mind as the creature she is. Vixyy has been writing for most of her life but it was not until the turn of the century that she discovered who she was. Thus the style of her art form was born and has ever since flourished.

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Our Price: $20.00

Reach for the Sky: The Battle of Britain by Vixyy Fox

Style: Novel

Size: 6 x 9

Print: Color Cover - Text Interior

Pages: 413

Parental Rating: Mature Readers

Publication Date: October 2014

ISBN: 9780692297001

UPC/EAN: 9780692297001

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