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Tales From The Guild Volume 1 - Digital Version

Tales From The Guild Volume 1 - Digital Version


Tales From The Guild, Music to Your Ears edited by AnthroAquatic - Digital Version

There are few things in this world that can invoke the range of emotions that music can. It can bring its listeners close together; it can drive its listeners apart. It is a core mechanic in what makes us human, but what about in those that aren’t quite human? Tales from the Guild, Music to Your Ears features a collection of stories from veteran and newcomer authors alike that spans several universes, but show that no intelligent creature is immune to the power of music.

Featuring stories by Furry Writers' Guild members: 

  • M.H. Payne
  • Mary E. Lowd
  • Huskyteer
  • Sean Rivercritic
  • Mark Neeley

And soon-to-be members:

  • Mars
  • Nathanael Gass
  • Jess E. Owen

Cover art by Ifus
Interior illustrations by Aisha Gaillard


  • Echoes From the Consort Box - Mark Neeley
  • Deep Down Among the Dagger Dancers - M.H. Payne
  • Sugar Pill - Mars
  • Nocturne - Nathanael Gass
  • Night of a thousand Songs - by Jess E Owen
  • Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out - Huskyteer
  • Shreddy and the Silver Egg - Mary E Lowd
  • Melody of a Street Corner - Sean Rivercritic

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Our Price: $10.00

Tales From The Guild Volume 1 - Digital Version

Style: Digital Download

Size: Digital Download

Print: Color Cover - Text Interior

Parental Rating: General Readers

Publication Date: Summer 2014

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