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Ruby Lion Book One by Fox Night Team - Digital Edition (PDF)

Ruby Lion Book One by Fox Night Team - Digital Edition (PDF)

Ruby Lion Book One by Fox Night Team - Digital Edition (PDF)​

Sent on a space mission as part of their punishment, Mishka, Dice, and Bia are forced to get to know each other better and suffer all of Mishka's crazy antics. 

It is 3000 years after mankind disappeared from the face of the universe. Behind they left various animals both from experiments and nature to roam the planet Earth. Those born in nature evolved to be bipedal on their own while those man had altered were also changed to bipeds. Over this time those born of man's influence have followed and worshiped everything about humans such as their creations (like buildings, means of transportation, fashion, etc.) and view them as gods; believing man left the world to their children (meaning them) and would return to join their side again one day. While the ones turned bipedal by nature's doing do not believe man is god, but another species that just did not make nature's cut and was removed. These two views are not the only thing these groups fight about as the acceptance of extraterrestrial life forms has deepened a rift that has grown between the two for generations. The nature born believe that all life not born of Earth's design should be expelled from the galaxy. On the other hand, the group born of man's hand believe that they should extend a hand and hopefully man will see their good will and return to them sooner. For this reason they have branded each other with names such as those born of nature's design being called Natures, or Beasts. Those created from man's hand are called Humanikins, or Sub-monkeys. Beasts are usually known to not have any kind of hair on their head, just fur all over their body and look more like animals then humans. This meaning they will have smaller breasts on the females and can even have digi-graded legs (a bend in their legs like that of the hind legs of dogs or cats). Humanikins will have larger breasts, and their lower anatomy such as male appendage will be more akin to a human's. They can also have hair that covers their face (beards and mustaches), and/or the tops of their heads. With this all in mind RubyLion drops you in this world following an unlikely crew as they suffer the crazy antics of their genius mechanic and lusty captain. Will the crew live long enough to finish their tour and return to Earth in one piece?​

Fox Knight Team - in no particular order - includes Charles Champion, Xenos, Joe Norris, Heather McDowell, Nerior, Ryan Levasseur, Michael Niles, and Brian Hurley.

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In Stock

Our Price: $5.00

Ruby Lion Book One by Fox Night Team - Digital Edition (PDF)

Style: Comic Book

Size: 6" x 9"

Print: Digital Download (PDF)

Pages: 36

Parental Rating: Adult Readers

Publication Date: September 2014 (Current Edition)

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