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Off the Beaten Path by Rukis

Off the Beaten Path by Rukis

Off the Beaten Path by Rukis

Summary:  Spending her life beneath the oppressive control of an abusive husband she'd had no choice in marrying was a hard life, but Shivah strove to endure it in order to protect her child.

When her child was slain, and Shivah herself viciously attacked and left for dead, she swore she'd make her husband pay dearly for his greatest mistake...leaving her alive.

She is joined in her hunt by the two men who pulled her from the jaws of death, and a group of lawmen hunting a dangerous band of raiders threatening the countryside. But there may be deeper, more widespread evils hidden in the shadows of the conflict she finds herself a part of.

Written and illustrated by Rukis

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Our Price: $19.95

Off the Beaten Path by Rukis

Style: Novel

Size: 5.5 x 8

Print: Color Cover - Text Interior

Pages: 386

Parental Rating: Adult Readers

Publication Date: July 2014

ISBN: 978-1-61450-1

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