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Unleashed by NIIC The Singing Dog - CD Version

Unleashed by NIIC The Singing Dog - CD Version

Unleashed by NIIC The Singing Dog - CD Version

NIIC is an Electro-Pop music project by Kyle McCarthy, a composer/independent producer from New York City. This music features an arsenal of upbeat, grooving original songs - featuring range-defying high male vocals. Singing on these tracks is the mascot of the music project, Niic the Singing Dog, a lime green akita-dog garbed in threads that Justin Beiber wish he could get away with. The songs recorded and released under NIIC are electrifying and addictive, with dynamic lyrics that encompass all the struggles and achievements of our great pursuit of love.

Track List:

  • Introduction: My Name is NIIC
  • The Singing Dog
  • Whatever U Want Me 2 Be
  • Paws to the Walls (Album Version)
  • The Bass Drop
  • Freaks
  • Do What Feels Good
  • T.B.U.Y.G.F.U.
  • Knock, Knock
  • All We Need Is Distance
  • There's No Good in a Goodbye
  • Take Me Higher
  • Unleashed

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In Stock

Our Price: $10.00

Unleashed by NIIC The Singing Dog - CD Version

Style: Audio CD

Print: 4.75 Round, Flat

Size: Audio CD & Booklet

Pages: 13

Parental Rating: General Listeners

Publication Date: February 2014

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