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God of Clay by Ryan Campbell

God of Clay by Ryan Campbell

God of Clay by Ryan Campbell

Driven to the borders of an unfamiliar forest by an ever-expanding drought, two rival brothers find their fortunes and that of their tribe entwined in a long-forgotten conflict between the old gods of the world. Clay’s fervent belief in devotion to the gods does nothing to prepare him for their true natures, while Laughing Dog’s self-assured insistence that his destiny is his own leads him on a very different journey. As battle lines are drawn, each brother must decide where his allegiance truly lies — a decision that will change each of them forever.

Meanwhile, Doto, the son of the sullen and wrathful forest god Kwaee sets out to capture a member of the brothers' tribe and bring them back to his father for interrogation, believing the humans to be in league with the insatiable fire god Ogya. In the process, he begins to doubt the stories he has always heard from his father about the original conflict, and the mysterious places in the heart of the forest that he was forbidden to ever visit.

God of Clay is the first novel in a three part series, and brings the three main characters through pain, loss, madness, hope, redemption, and love to the cusp of the conflict with Ogya.

Author Ryan Campbell has had several stories and poems featured in the New Fables anthology, and has the novel "Smiley and the Hero" published by FurPlanet Productions. This is his first novel with Sofawolf Press.

This is the first book in Ryan Campbell's Fire Bearers trilogy, which started with God of Clay and continues in Forest Gods.

Cover and interior illustrations are by Zhivago.

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Our Price: $17.95

God of Clay by Ryan Campbell

Style: Novel

Size: Digital Download

Print: Color Cover - Text Interior

Parental Rating: Mature Readers

Publication Date: June 2018

ISBN: 978-1-936689-31-6

UPC/EAN: 978-1-936689-31-6

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Customer's Reviews for God of Clay by Ryan Campbell

One of the greatest books that I have ever read!
An absolutely incredible novel! Mr Campbell has created an amazing world with fully realized characters and settings that pull you in and stick with you long after the book is over.

In a world where gods exist and are just as flawed as the humans who worship them, the story follows three distinct main characters. Doto, a young godling who is the son of the great forest god Kwaee, Clay, a human who is extremely devoted to the gods, and Laughing Dog, Clay's younger brother who does not believe in the gods and the stories told of them. During the story, we see each of them adapt, grow, and come into their own and it is incredibly satisfying to do so.

Mr.Campbell's prose is smooth and has a natural flow. His attention to detail is impeccable and because of this, it is easy to imagine what is happening as you are reading, although there are several interior illustrations representing key points in the story. His characters feel real and relatable . All have clear motivations and these motivations influence the actions that they take.

Honestly, I could spend all day singing this book's praises but there is no need. If you have even the slightest interest in the Fantasy genre or if you are just looking for a good book to read, get this book now! As can be seen on the cover, this is the first book in a series (a planned trilogy). I await the next book with fervor!
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