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The Fall of Eldvar, Book Two: Into The Desert Wilds By Jim Galford

The Fall of Eldvar, Book Two: Into The Desert Wilds By Jim Galford

The Fall of Eldvar, Book Two: Into The Desert Wilds By Jim Galford

Description: A direct continuation of book 1, Into the Desert Wilds continues the story of Estin and Feanne, but also adds a second voice, Oria. Oria is Feanne's child and just coming into adulthood. While the majority of this story begins to lay out what is happening to the world and how widespread the war really is, Oria's portion largely revolves around growing up and making mistakes like any teenager would. The family is still fighting to survive, but now has come to the realization that they cannot just run, they will have to face some of the dangers the war is putting in their way if they want to ever escape the war.

This book more clearly introduces the instigators of the war and some of their motivations, while bringing in characters that seem to know far more about what's going on than the voices of the story. While still heavily character-driven, this book helps show the reader a little bit of the bigger picture. There's also a rather large cliff-hanger that is not resolved until book four, because I'm an awful person.

About This Book: Having survived the war near Altis, Estin and his family must make a new life in the desert lands near Corraith more than a thousand miles from home. Unlike Altis, these lands fully accept wildlings, giving hope for the future. 

Starting to find her own life, Oria has no expectations of a future. She lives day to day in this new land. What it means to be an adult is as elusive to her as safety had once been, after growing up watching her friends die. Surely so far from the invasion by the Turessians, Corraith is safe from the horrors they have already seen elsewhere...

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The Fall of Eldvar, Book Two: Into The Desert Wilds By Jim Galford

Style: Novel

Size: 6.5 x 9.5

Print: Color Cover - Text Interior

Pages: 438

Parental Rating: Mature Readers

Publication Date: July 2012

ISBN: 9781478104865

UPC/EAN: 9781478104865

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