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Roomies: Rooby-Roo! #1

Roomies: Rooby-Roo! #1

An All New Roomies Adventure: Rooby-Roo! #1 by Flinters

A 24 Hour Comic Challenge - 24 Pages in 24 Hours...

What was I thinking?

The classic 24-hour comic challenge was started by Scott McCloud with the intent of allowing an artist to toss out constraints and just draw things as they flow out of the stream of conciousness. The idea is to start with a pen or pencil, paper and time. You cannout plan ahead with scripts, dialogue, or advance work You just start with your idea and draw and see where it goes from there. It should live by itself - the story may not go where you intended and may completely deviate from your plan, but that's the fun of it. See how a story comes alive and determines its own future through the artist's lack of sleep.

On March 11, 2013 I sat down with paper, pencil, lots of Mt. Dew, and a plan. Oh, and a full Internet streaming camera rig so the whole process could be seen by fans online. I did this in coofrination with Genesis Whitmore (www.little-rales.com) and Tanabi Goat (www.tigerdile.com/strea/tanabi). All three of us shared our audio into one channel so we could chat and keep each other awake even as we had to load up on sugar to keep going. We slowly cranked out page after page, each one making less sense than the last, but we kept going with each other to support our efforts. At the end, we all had full comics that we could be proud of having completed. We pushed ourselves and did some things we would never otherwise attempt, and learned from our experience.

I'm thinking I want to do this again.

- Dan "Flinters" Canaan

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Our Price: $4.00

Roomies: Rooby-Roo! #1

Style: Comic

Size: 6.75" x 9.75"

Print: Color Cover, Black and White Interior

Pages: 24

Parental Rating: Mature Readers

Publication Date: June 2013

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