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No Remorse: The Lost 2010 Show - By JR (JackRabbit) - Digital Download

No Remorse: The Lost 2010 Show - By JR (JackRabbit) - Digital Download

No Remorse: The Lost 2010 Show - By JR (JackRabbit) - Digital Download (ZIP File containing MP3 Files and CD Artwork)

   An emotional expression of personal regret…

So, why no remorse?
I’ve been a comedian in various ways for a while now, I do the Funday Pawpet Show, I do the PoinkCast, and I’ve done standup for a while now. Live standup to me is a raw nerve, by which I mean, when it’s on, you can feel it, and when it’s not, it’s torture; but either way you’re exposed and you feel the good and the bad in all its intensity. By on, I mean not only is the material there, but the vibe is there; the crowd is enjoying it and with you and laughing in all the right moments, it all flows in a stream of the purest emotion, and ends with you and the audience spent and feeling like you had an intimate night with the person of your dreams, or looking for the bastard that slipped you the roofie. And for me personally, this was one of those shows.
And the lost part. Well, there were a lot of issues at this show; and because of these it was not recorded properly. I spent a lot of time trying to rebuild it using the tools that we have today, but nothing seemed to work; and what did work such as trying to re-record it and voice over what happened felt false. After a time I chose to let it go; nobody’s fault, things happen, this was the big one that got away.
Then one night, while putting together a Greatest Hits CD(something with my favorite bits from all of my previous standups up to this point, which is still coming), I happened on a cd of video footage from this show. And the video was ok…again, no fault of who recorded it...but the audio was better then anything I’ve found. It’s not perfect; but it’s really good; you can hear the crowd, and you can make out what I’m saying with no issues except in one or two spots. And I said, I need to put this out and finish this project once and for all. And that’s what you’re holding; the full show, no edits other then some sound mixing, and completely raw.
Today, some of the material is dated. The Tiger Woods Scandal is in the past, President Obama is further along in his term, but I still listen to it and enjoy it and am proud I did it. Is it my best? I hope not; I still hope to keep doing this for a while longer. But it is a show that I personally am proud of, and I hope you enjoy it as well. So here it is, the Anthrocon 2010 standup show.
As far as thank yous, not as a copout, but you, the fans. If you’re holding this cd and listening to it or you downloaded it thank you for listening and supporting me and giving me the chance to do it. Thank you to the fans of the Poinkcast and the Funday Pawpet Show and thank you to the cast of FPS for being some of my best friends in the world and giving me a stage to just cut loose; all of you, past and present; Mutt, Yappy, Kuddlepup, Blitz, Simba, Rasvar, and many others. Thank you to Rabbit Valley for putting this out and giving me an option to do it still despite me saying oh I’ll get it done over and over like a date that never puts out. Thank you to my girlfriend Babs for doing the cover art and being the most wonderful thing in my life, next to Snowy, who’ll you’ll hear in this cd, is probably the most long and suffering cat that ever walked.

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No Remorse: The Lost 2010 Show - By JR (JackRabbit) - Digital Download

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