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Burning Curiosity by HerrAardy and ScyStorm

Burning Curiosity by HerrAardy and ScyStorm

Burning Curiosity by HerrAardy and ScyStorm
Full color, magazine sized comic.

If at first you don't succeed, get a little creative.

For one, taboo fantasy. For the other, a devious curiosity. Elan always had his eye on his father, even after taking on his first lover. His forbidden cravings only grew when Tyson caught them in the act, and revealed a certain fact about himself. The young fox became determined to make his dream a reality. 

See if Elan's persistence finally pays off, and see if you'll be burning just as hot.

Buring Curiosity is a collaborative work by ScyStorm and HerrAardy.

(Warning, this contains adult gay/incest themes.)

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Burning Curiosity by HerrAardy and ScyStorm

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