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Spooo Presents Color Special Issue 1 - Digital Edition

Spooo Presents Color Special Issue 1 - Digital Edition

Spooo Presents Color Special Issue 1 - Digital Edition


Rabbit Valley is proud to present our first color special. 64 pages of sexual color goodness.

Our first story is a behind the scenes look at the vastly popular Zoorama pornography studios. Find out exactly what goes on when the cameras are off and the crew is coerced into there roles.

Mark Wulfgar makes an appearance with a touching story of power struggles, tender romance, and lots of gay sex in Where I Belong.Abused, neglected, and now a young drifter, Abraham hasn't had an easy life. But things take a turn for the interesting when he runs into another drifter named Milo, part of a group of "Lost Boys" under the control of one rich pretty boy. What is Abraham to do?

And the final chapter of this issue Zel brings to life Tredain's Royal Tail story which details the story of Prince Luka, who has grown tired of his sedentary royal life. Wishing for more excitement he sneaks away from the castle one night in the hopes of traveling the world. However, the wilderness is a dangerous place for a rabbit on his own and Luka soon finds more excitement than he may have bargained for...

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Spooo Presents Color Special Issue 1 - Digital Edition

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