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Dragons Hoard Volume 3

Dragons Hoard Volume 3

This third installment of Dragon's Hoard, Dragon's Hoard Volume 3 brings another full color, larger-than-ever issue (74 Pages) to our dedicated and new fans alike. This issue is proud to feature a few new artists on the team and is chock full of the feral dragon erotica our fans love!


  • Heavenly Delight art by UltraViolet (m/solo)
  • Just a Touch... art & scenario by Ryoken (m/m)
  • Fair Exchange art by Aazhie (m/m)
  • Fair Play art & scenario by Fennec (m/m)
  • Dirth of Dragons, Pt II art & scenario by Winddragon (m/f)
  • Sprawl art by Farore Nightclaw (f/solo)
  • LABWORK_201[3] art & scenario by Aazhie (m/m)
  • Tangle - Centerfold art by Caribou (m/m/m/m)
  • Clinical Study art & scenario by Slug (m/f)
  • In Heat art by Aazhie (f/solo)
  • Patience Pending art by Narse, scenario by Dreamous (m/m)
  • Just Another Day On the Job art & scenario by Sigil (m/f)
  • Aber Bitte Mit Sahne art & scenario by Spyn
  • Thanks, from Spire
  • Cover (Adult Version) by Rukis (m/solo)

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Our Price: $29.95

Dragons Hoard Volume 3

ISBN: 162475001X

UPC/EAN: 9781624750014

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