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Parallel Paradox The Search For the Immune

Parallel Paradox The Search For the Immune

In Lloyd J Fleck's thrilling tale we read of a great war waging between a ruthless empire and the Noma Galactic Council. Somewhere in the neutral zone between the two factions of power, a temporal rift is discovered between the planets of Earth and Teradeus. Suspicion of treachery arises, and an investigation takes place. On Teradeus, in the great city of Caer, a mysterious stone is stolen by a greedy crime lord, for dark purposes unknown.

In the nearby town of Willoak, Striker, a young Vulparian man, discovers he has a rare trait, which is only known as "Gemini." Even though many would call this power a gift, he thinks of it as only a curse. His best friend, Camille, helps Striker deal with this dilemma. Strangely, she is somehow connected to Gemini.

On Earth, a wealthy businessman, Amon, unearths an ancient library, which unveils the secrets of Stonehenge. During the investigation, it is believed the events are unrelated, or are they?

Paperback: 650 pages
Style: Novel
Author: Lloyd J Fleck
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1478271925
Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 1.5 inches
Content Rating: Mature Readers

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Parallel Paradox The Search For the Immune

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