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Furthest North Crew Issue #23

Furthest North Crew Issue #23


The Furthest North Crew (FNC) is a non-profit, Canadian-based amateur press association (APA) devoted to the subject of anthropomorphics. Also known as "funny animals", "furries" or "critters", the term can in fact be applied to a broad range of subjects ranging from the cartoon animals of Saturday mornings right up to novels like Watership Down which include or focus on animals as thinking, acting characters in their own right. For many, the subject might even expand to include aliens, robots and computers, the trees of the forest, even simple toys or common household appliances. The common thread among them all is a vision of thought, feeling, and basic humanity in that which is not human.


Furthest North Crew is the longest running Canadian fanzine in our anthropomorphic market segment. We have come across a selection of early issues containing the works of several well known authors int he fandom. Come see where some of them got their paws wet.

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Furthest North Crew Issue #23

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