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Squeak! Issue 3

Squeak! Issue 3

Description: Squeak! is an anthology of risque and adult comic stories published as a standard-sized comic book.

In this issue: Comics by Tabbiewolf, Flinters, and Zephery Hughes. 24 pages

  • You Deserve A Break Today: A quick trip to the burger joint proves there's more meat to sample than what is on the menu. Fast food has never had such excellent personal customer service! (Unless you've read Service With A Smile!) - by Tabbie Wolf
  • Second Chances: An accident takes a traveler on quite a different adventure in a new land, a new life, and a new body! What do you do when you wake up in a body that is not your own? - by Flinters
  • Pickup on Instellar Route 66: When a mechanical breakdown leaves this spacefarer in need of roadside assistance, he finds a helpful stranger offering an easy pickup, but may find himself taken for another kind of ride instead. - by Zephery Hughes

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Squeak! Issue 3

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