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Unconditional by Rukis

Unconditional by Rukis

This item has been discontinued and is replaced by https://www.rabbitvalley.com/item/9759/1334/Cruelty-Remastered-by-Rukis-Hardcover

Description: Two and a half years after they left High School together, Reis and Marcus have attempted to settle into a life with one another. But they are far from home, family and friends, and are swiftly leaving behind their teenage years as they embark on the difficult journey towards adulthood.

While Reis struggles with near unemployment and strives to find a purpose in his life that does not revolve around his relationship, Marcus has become so invested in his college life and local Activist group he leads that he has begun to change as a person, and the two cannot seem to go a day without an argument coming between them.

Tragedy steps into their lives, and as it so often does, forces the two to stare down a hard reality. Things have to change between them, and if neither can accept the thought of making significant compromises for the other, the fact that they love one another just might not be enough.

Everyone has to grow up. Can a relationship founded in High School survice the rigors of the adult world?

Art and story by Rukis

  • Style: Magazine Sized Series
  • Print:  Color Cover, Color Interior
  • Size:  8.25 x 10.50
  • Pages:  70
  • ISBN:  978-1-61450-051-3
  • Content Rating: Adult Readers
  • Publication Date:  June 2012



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Our Price: $19.95

Unconditional by Rukis

ISBN: 978-1-61450-0

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Customer's Reviews for Unconditional by Rukis

I really love this one. It was shipped quickly and efficiently, and I'm proud to own a copy. My one concern was that it didn't come with a plastic wrap to cover it. When I ordered Heat #4 it did, and I was expecting it to be covered.
Reviewed by user -

Link to this item: https://www.rabbitvalley.com/item/8493/5579/Unconditional-by-Rukis

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