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Cronn Issue One

Cronn Issue One

Description:  In an ancient land lost to time, there lived a tribe of mighty barbarians, whose strength and ferocity was the stuff of myth! 

And then there was Cronn, who (by barbarian standards) was considered puny and weak.  

But Cronn's spirit was indomitable, and to prove himself to his tribe, he set out on a quest to conquer all worthy foes; not with muscle and steel... but with his own flesh! 

Cronn's first epic adventure waits... He must defeat the dreaded porcupine witch Tittania, and her minotaur guard. He is outmuscled and out-magicked. How can Cronn defeat such a powerful enemy?

Story and art by Lapin Beau

Style: Comic
Print:  Color Cover, Greyscale Interior
Size:  8.25 x 10.50
Pages:  24
Content Rating: Adult Readers

Publication Date:  June 2012

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Our Price: $11.95

Cronn Issue One

ISBN: 978-1-61450-0

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