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When Summer Woke

When Summer Woke

Description: “When Summer woke her arms and legs felt like they were on fire, numb and aching from stress. She tried to reach down and rub her legs but discovered that her arms were bound above her head from a rope tied to the basement rafters. She also discovered that she could move her legs, but only slightly as her knees were tied together and movement of her legs was pointless because the reason her arms ached so much was that she was hanging from them above the ground. When she stretched her toes she could only barely scrape the floor. Looking down she found her bindings to be long strips of duct tape.

“When Summer Woke” is the first novel by Dave Hopkins, most famously the creator of the webcomic “Jack” and the comics “Cliff” and ”Long Island” among others.  Includes illustrations by Babs, Gene Catlow, Kannakin, Katie Hopkins, Kittiara, Rose, Skurvy and Vinci.

This story revolves around Drip in his teenage years.

Style: Novel
Print: Color Cover, Text Interior, Greyscale illustrations
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Page Count: 150
Content Rating: Adult Readers
Publication Date: June 2008
UPC Code: 9781935599036

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Our Price: $19.95

When Summer Woke

ISBN: 1935599038

UPC/EAN: 9781935599036

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