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Anti Social Behavior Issue #2

Anti Social Behavior Issue #2

Description: Meet Tyler. Having spent years on the road, hitching from one truck stop to the next he's decided it's time for a break. He's been passed around, used and abused and now he's taking his life back!

Brought to life in full colour, ASB2 is the journey of one young man piecing his life back together. The road to recovery is never an easy one and he'll need help on the way. This may come from an old bear who runs a home for runaways or maybe in the form of a tiger named Christian, with a past darker than his own. Nothing is ever what is seems and things never work out how you'd hope.

Welcome back to the world of AntiSocialBehavior, it's been a long time.

Style: Graphic Comic Based Series
Print: Color Cover, Color Interior
Size: 6.75 x 10.5
Pages: 26
Parental Rating: Mature Readers
Publication Date: March 2008
UPC Code: 9781935599234

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Anti Social Behavior Issue #2

ISBN: 1935599232

UPC/EAN: 9781935599234

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