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The Chronicles of Jayden: Book One - The Gifted

The Chronicles of Jayden: Book One - The Gifted

Fire cannot exist without Ice. Love cannot exist without Hate. 

For centuries, They would descend from the heavens, plunder, destroy and then vanish for decades.  

This time, They have come to stay. 

The isles of Mitd, which rest in the southern hemisphere of the Planet Jayden, is where our Chronicles begin. The citizens look to their king for answers and protection, but all is not well in the Crown City. Their race is torn by a war with Them while living in a kingdom rife with machination, treachery, never knowing who to trust, fearing the invaders, but living in constant terror of their own monster, Zenti. 

Pray that Mari will protect us from the horrors of war. 

The invaders, They seek out all the Gifted and frantically search for the cold-hearted monster Zenti and the beloved savior of which they only hear rumors.  

They have brought war to Mitd.

The solitude of the still evening air briefly calmed the raging fire within. He looked at the silver ring on his left paw and wondered if there was enough blood in the invaders’ veins to wash away the sorrow tearing at his empty soul. Memories of his heart’s love flooded his mind, bringing a sad, peaceful solace. Angry shouts followed by screams for mercy shattered those peaceful memories, fueling the rage within. 


A cold hatred numbed his conscious thoughts as he focused on his Gift and with blinding speed raced for the traitorous city of Dotharian, paws glowing brilliant red as his rage fueled him." 

Sanura, Historical Chronicler of Jayden.

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Comments by Creator/Publisher of The Chronicles of Jayden: Book One - The Gifted

Book 2 Monster and Savior
Life complicates timelines. Book 2, Monster and Savior is with Rabbit Valley for edit and print! I am working on Dark Secrets, book 3 content edits right now. Thank you for being patient with me and enjoy reading The Chronicles of Jayden Dekology.
Reviewed by creator -

Book two!
Book two of the Dekology is being edit now and then book three will be edited by december.

This way I can get back to finishing book 4.

Enjoy book one! Please leave all comments! Thank you
Reviewed by creator -

RV-WOLF01 - By Wolf - Book Version (Paperback)
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The Chronicles of Jayden: Book One - The Gifted

ISBN: 0971988692

UPC/EAN: 9780971988699

RV-WOLF01 EPUP - By Wolf - ePub Version
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The Chronicles of Jayden: Book One - The Gifted

RV-WOLF01 PDF - By Wolf - PDF Version
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The Chronicles of Jayden: Book One - The Gifted

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