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The Species of Blessing Avenue by Graveyard Greg

The Species of Blessing Avenue by Graveyard Greg


Description: Israel Kevinson - Izzy to his friends, which aren't many - isn't your typical teenager in Blessing Avenue, which is okay because Blessing Avenue isn't your typical town. 

Izzy belongs to a very well-off family. He wants to do more than simply be groomed to inherit the family business, so he deals with things that lurk in the shadows of Blessing Avenue, and sometimes things which do a lot more than just lurk. 

You see, Izzy has a gift. And he's not afraid to use it... even if it means going against his father's wishes. 

The Species of Blessing Avenue collects the short stories "The Species of Alone", "The Species of Rivals", and the never before published story "The Species of Triumph."

  • Stories by Graveyard Greg
  • Cover artwork by Ninja V
  • Cover Design and Logo by Electric Keet

More detailed description to come...

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The Species of Blessing Avenue by Graveyard Greg

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