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Confectionaries Issue 1

Confectionaries Issue 1


Overview: A story about a group of magical creatures, created by a wizard. They’ve been left alone in the castle a long time now, but what happens when they find out they may not be as alone as they thought they were?

This issue: Two young siblings make their way into a dark old castle. What they find is magic and mystery, as they meet three very special characters…made of candy! Fun and adventure awaits!

  • Page Count: 22 pages
  • Type: Full Color
  • Writer: Darren Mueller
  • Pencils: Jackie Hernandez
  • Colors: Ann Uland
  • Lettering: Brant W Fowler
  • Editor: Bill Love



The Confectionaries begins as a single stand alone introductory issue, followed by a graphic novel. While waiting for the graphic novel, make sure to sign up for our newsletter, for free one shot stories about The Confectionaries.

Rating: Fun for All Ages!

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Confectionaries Issue 1

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