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Red Lantern Book One: Crimson Divine

Red Lantern Book One: Crimson Divine

Publisher changed from Sofawolf to FurPlanet

On a small isolated island run by ruthless gangs and powerful crime families lies a town of brothels and drug dens, serving all who come into port. Sold into a life of servitude when he was young, Amon is now approaching the end of his usefulness to the Madame. With no hope of escape and too little money to buy his freedom, all he can hope for is a miracle. Now war is raging in the waters surrounding the Shanivaar islands, bringing foreign naval soldiers and their money into the brothels. Their unfamiliar morals and military code of conduct could be a blessing or a curse, and with Amon already forced to start training his replacement  - a naïve young tiger with nothing but hard lessons ahead - time is running short for everyone.

Red Lantern: The Crimson Divine is the first book in the web-comic series written and illustrated by Rukis and Alectorfencer.

This color graphic novel collects the web-comic as it is being released online, with the addition of approximately 12 pages of adult material that have never been seen online.
Style: Magazine Sized Graphic Novel, Color
Page Count: 104 Pages
Content Rating: Adult Readers
UPC: OLD ISBN 978-1-936689-13-2

New ISBN:  978-1-61450-419-1


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Our Price: $29.95

Red Lantern Book One: Crimson Divine

ISBN: 9781614504191

UPC/EAN: 9781614504191

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Customer's Reviews for Red Lantern Book One: Crimson Divine

Doesn't get much better than this
Breathtaking artwork, a compelling story, complex personalities, and lots of cute eye-candy. I'd read the whole thing online already, but I thought the artist and writer deserved to be rewarded for their excellent work, so I bought a copy on paper as well. Highly recommended. I can't wait to see how the relationship between Amon and his favorite sailor evolves. Hurry up with the next volume! :)
Reviewed by user -

If you like gay gay comics. this is a must have. The artwork is awesome. The story pretty damn good. The background art is gorgeous. The main character Amon is to die for and is a wonderful main character. This is totally worth the $30 and talk is there will be a few more books after this :-)
Reviewed by user -

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