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The Prince of Knaves by Alflor Aalto

The Prince of Knaves by Alflor Aalto

Natier, son of King Rasdill and heir to the Llyran throne, is perhaps as spoiled as someone in his position can become. The King loves him far too much to see past all of the lies that the young fox spins, and Natier uses that love to his gain whenever he can. There is more than meets the eye to this prince, however. Every night, Natier sneaks out into the city; there, he takes on the persona of Rivard, a slightly more mild-mannered fox. As Rivard, Natier is able to do all the things that would not become a prince -- he goes to brothels, helps a local gang of thieves pull off robberies, and gets drunk off his tail on mead. This lifestyle continues until a harrowing event forces Natier to flee the palace and assume the role of Rivard indefinitely as he struggles to make sense of the conspiracy that almost got him killed...

Note: This book deals with homoerotic themes and descriptions of erotic acts.

Plot Summary - May Contain Spoilers

Style: Novel

Page Count: 406

The Llyrian Wars: Act One Series by Alflor Aalto

The Prince of Knaves
Streets of His City and Other Stories 
Spies in Their Midst


About the Author:
Alflor is an otterly author who currently makes his home in New York. He's written some short stories in the past, but generally he prefers writing novels. This particular otter is responsible for The Llyran Wars tetralogy, Stories From Elton High, and several serialized novels -- including those that chronicle the adventures of a certain fox named Sarin Barneby. Some of the above are available in print from Rabbit Valley Comics, others are free to read on SoFurry and Fur Affinity.

(Check out Alflor's GoodReads Profile)

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Comments by Creator/Publisher of The Prince of Knaves by Alflor Aalto

"The Prince of Knaves" - A Review by Ryan Blackbear
“The Prince of Knaves is a fantastically-written, fast paced classic adventure story interwoven with a touching, heartfelt (and sometimes explicitly described) homosexual romance.
If you spent your childhood reading books like Robinson Crusoe, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Three Musketeers, Treasure Island, and so on, this book will absolutely and without doubt be a welcome addition to your collection.”
Reviewed by creator -

Flayrah: Review 'The Prince of Knaves' by Alflor Aalto
From the Review:
"The Prince of Knaves is smoothly written, fast-moving, full of action and intrigue and 18th century-style naval battles. But the plot seems very superficial. Natier is introduced as such a hedonist, hating the duties of aristocracy and preferring to live incognito as a commoner, that it is unconvincing for him to work dangerously in disguise to restore his father’s government. As someone whom all the authorities are trying to kill, he is too quick to trust strangers with his real identity. His efforts to foil the thieves from within their gang, without arousing their suspicion, seem too easily successful. He works all day in the shipyard, spends all night in the thieves’ gang – when does he have the time (or the stamina) for his extended, graphic gay lovemaking? (He is tired after Chapter 10.)"
Read More
Reviewed by publisher -

RV-AALTO01 - By Alflor Aalto - Softcover Version
In Stock

Our Price: $20.00

The Prince of Knaves by Alflor Aalto

ISBN: 09719886822

UPC/EAN: 97809719886824

RV-AALTO01EPUB - By Alflor Aalto - ePub Version
In Stock

Our Price: $15.00

The Prince of Knaves by Alflor Aalto

RV-AALTO01PDF - By Alflor Aalto - PDF Version
In Stock

Our Price: $15.00

The Prince of Knaves by Alflor Aalto

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Customer's Reviews for The Prince of Knaves by Alflor Aalto

Once again a well done book!
Once again a great book! The story is one hell of a ride with twists and turns you never see coming. It's an epic story of conspiracy, love, and hardships that is DEFIANTLY worth reading!
Reviewed by user -

An absolutely riveting tale that will leave you wanting more!
Alflor's first novel is absolutely incredible. The author seamlessly blends romance, action, adventure, and politics to create a riveting novel that will keep you enthralled from beginning to end. The worldbuilding is at its best, the plot moves briskly, and the characters are multi-dimensional and will keep you guessing the whole way through. Suffice it to say that you will never be bored while reading this story! In my opinion, this novel shows that Alflor deserves a place among the greatest fantasy authors of all time.
Reviewed by user -

The world of Llyra awaits you -- don't miss out!
Prince of Knaves presents a very interesting fusion of medieval intrigue, romance, and swashbuckling adventure. The work is particularly impressive for being Alflor Aalto's debut novel; many established authors are less effective at world building and character development than Alflor manages to be with his freshman effort, and Alflor also deftly develops a very intricate, multi-book spanning plot. His characters are complex and dynamic and seem to exist in a living, breathing fantasy realm. Additionally, the book is quite well researched; the scenes involving intense navel battles and high-stakes thievery all ring true, which makes the novel all the more exciting and entertaining. The novel is certainly worth reading in its own right, but it sets the stage for Alflor's prequels Streets of His City and the forthcoming Spies in Their Midst as well, the former of which is excellent and the latter of which I fully expect to be. And have I mentioned the steamy bits? Those are probably worth the price of admission by themselves!
Reviewed by user -

An AMAZING book by an AMAZING Author
I was instantly hooked on the world of Llyra since the prequel Streets of His City came out on FA. When The Prince of Knaves was finally released, I just couldn't get enough of it. Alflor does a masterful job of showing (not telling) you the personalities of his characters and story; so well in fact that he's made me do everything from crying to yelling out and fist pumping during key moments in the story. I guess you could say that he put my emotions on a spin cycle. The only problem I had with this book was that it ended.

If you haven't had a taste of Alflor's writing before, then you are missing out on a great deal of unforgettable entertainment.
Reviewed by user -

Go to Llyra, NOW!
For fans of anthro stories, for fans of romantic period stories, for fans of intrigue and political machinations, for fans of a ripping good read - get this book!

The Prince of Knaves is a well-written character study of the young Prince Natier of Llyra, caught between two lives - one of duty and priviledge, and the other of excitement and love. Which will he choose? Or will the choice be made for him? Will he be brought low by his baser tastes, or will his noble nature win out?

A thoroughly satisfying read for furry fans of all stripes...and spots!
Reviewed by user -

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