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Dangerous Jade

Dangerous Jade

Description:  Never trust a smiling girl when she tells you what her name is. Especially not when she's a furry, one of the exotic mass produced clones of the city of San Iadras. Is her name Jamie? Really? There are a hundred and sixty-eight girls with that exact face, and that exact voice purring out the same little lies.

The truth is, Jade Dixon's desperate to be anyone but herself. She's out for a one-night stand, but her heart's so broken the shards could cut her to pieces. So she'll protect herself from those old hurts however she has to. She'll be Jamie, she'll be Jayden, she'll play any game, so long as she gets one more night of ecstasy. 

But Jade's about to find out that she's not the only one who can play games.


Written by Malcolm "foozzzball" Cross

Cover art and interior illustrations by Meesh

Style: Novella
Print: Color Cover, Text Interior
Size: 5.50 x 8.5
Pages: 90
ISBN: 978-1-61450-037-7
Content Rating: Adult Readers
Publication Date: January 2012

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Dangerous Jade

ISBN: 9781614500377

UPC/EAN: 9781614500377

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