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Always waking up with a sad expression and finding herself stuck in a dead-end job, Samantha tries to find her self-identity as well as a suitable companion. Every club night, she dresses up in punk/gothic attire that completely hides who she really is just to try to find a social group that would accept her for her hybrid features. One night, she manages to find a unique group of anarchist punks containing a foul-mouth and violent British feline, a levelheaded Egyptian canine, a closed-mouth white feline, a large-tailed skunk and a perverted, drunken mouse. Being accepted into the group and given an off-colored nickname, she finds herself doing activities that she never thought she was capable of. She quickly falls in love with one of the punks in the group, and tries to get his attention by wearing suggestive clothing while still trying to act like she has no interest in him. Very slowly, she starts to lose her identity and her life spirals downhill when the mix of love and hate starts to mold her into something she is not. Her new self-image puts an emotional toll on her only friend who tries to help Samantha find the identity that she once lost, only to find secrets that should have been left alone.

Ookami Kemono’s first graphic novel tells the story of love, trust, secrets, self-identity and why mice should not drink beer and look at porn at the same time…

Product Details:
ISBN: 09719888676
Page Count: 241 pages
Type: Comic, Color Cover / B&W Interior
Rating: Mature readers

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Our Price: $20.00


ISBN: 9780971988675

UPC/EAN: 9780971988675

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Customer's Reviews for Concealment

This... Is... FANTASTIC!
It's hard to write a review for me without spoiling anything, so the only thing I'll say is that Alex/Ookami has struck gold once again with Concealment.

The story is great, the characters are lovable/hate-able (depending), and very well thought out.

Almost as if Alex has had this kind of experience... Keep up the good work, Alex!

Reviewed by user -

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