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Tai Pan Issue #49

Tai Pan Issue #49

Issue #49's front cover is drawn by Bill Koonts and features Bottles McCloud, bartender and storyteller at Redshift Sue's on the Quantum Lady.

This issue contains the stories "The Narrow Road to the Deep North," written by Jared Robertson, with illustrations by C.D. Woodbury; “Floodgate Royale” written by Mark Allen Davis and illustrated by Edd Vick; “An Heir Raising Tale” written by Gene Breshears and illustrated by Kristin Fontaine; “Touring the Lady” written by Kristin Fontaine; and “A Safety Weasel Christmas” written by Gene Breshears and illustrated by James L. Brandt. The issue also includes additional artwork from Andrew Laverdiere, Mark Allen Davis, Chuck Melville, Susan Woolard, Sky Oxford, Jeff Cornish, Gary Fletcher, and Jeff Young.

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Tai Pan Issue #49

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